Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Yarn Stash

another yarn stash again in September...Noro Kureyon (full bag sale from Little Knits)

more stash

I have done some damage to my purse :-), my daughters know that once I go to the regular bakery supplies shop, I would not come out empty-handed. Cookies cutter, considered cheap , only RM1-90.

Winnie the Pooh face , cookies cutter (S, M, L) - 3 for RM28, new stash to my bento collection.

newly bought bento stuff from Bento Pet. 2 nos. 2 tier pink bento boxes, Hello Kitty and Doreamon face bento box, 2 bottles of cute food picks, egg mould and collapseable lunchbox as a mystery gift from Patricia (Bento Pet),...thank you very much for willing to send to me.

I have not been baking for quite some while....not good in this cupcake baking ....Oatmeal cupcake....recipie from 500 Cupcakes (bought from Popular Bookstore).

Bento #2 - #5

my lunch box today. I must admit that I am totally new to make bento for myself. I cannot finish all. 2 tier bento box bought from Bento Pet.
Top: 2 compartment Lock & Lock box, left: orange sweet Potato, right: flat bean, tomato
Bottom container: kiwi & green apple, the top container is not touched at all. I was so full. Should cut down the amount of food in next bento.

a failure to me. I cooked lotus seed & red bean brown rice and wrapped with Nori....the top Kitty box was from Bento Pet too (thank you...) and the bottom 2 tier lunch box for myself. However my colleagues do not like brown rice (Eco Brown)...so not finished. As for my self I took 2 and was too full to take the rest.
Morale of the story: do not expect other to like what we like to eat....although my daughter finished theirs.

Bento #3: also consist only vegatables and fruits for myself.
My daughters packed simple meal (bread) to school and refuse to bring fruits as they complained not enough time to eat.

I forgot to take picture of my bento, this is for my youngest.

Bento - September 2008

In facts I have been packing food for my 3 daughters ever since they went to kindergarden, primary and until now. But what I did were very simple food packed in Tupperware. After came to the world of Bento, my eyes widely opened and for the past 5 working days, I start to bring lunch to office as my diet plan as well.


very simple vegetable meals: carrot, capiscum (spelling?), flat bean, mould egg and sweet potato (orange colour too)

moulded eggs for my youngest daughter to bring along to my sister house as breakfast and to other kids too. however she finished all , LOL

tomato, grapes

3rq quarter 2008

last day of the 3rd quarter of 2008...not much stitching, except 2 MAs exchange this year &additional one in Dec 2008.

I wanted to post this homemade snowskin mooncake for Lillie to view...but omitted to post this photo. The Doraemon mould is part of my bento stuff that I am crazying presently.

MA: Little House Needlework MA exchange
organized by MA group
pattern: Day & Night, on 14ct fabric (lately very slow to stitch on small count...)
sent to : Mari, in Finland

Saturday, September 20, 2008

update - Sep 2008

Brief update for few photos taken. Life was in mess during past one week, no water supply ; therefore could not make many mooncakes as I planned initially.

simple birtday celebration for youngest DD on 17 Sep 2008; who is 9.
She was wearing the dress made by my eldest sister; who helps me to take care of my 3 girls.

few circular needles purchased from The Knittery, Australia

casted on this Avril's gradiation skirt, hopefully could fit me.
yarn: 3 strands, Tsumugi Silk, tentatively using 6 colors to make up the 10 color bands
needle: 4mm circular needle

finally bind off and finished this candy jacket and my daughter is my good supporter, although I am not good in seaming skills. Told her to bear with mummy's poor workmanship; and to improvise and knit more for them. She wore this jacket and the toe up Monkey sock for her school trip to Singapore.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008


finished and wore this to work 2 weeks ago,...just too lazy in blogging. Busy with making mooncake, stitching & knitting as well. Finished a MA exchange, doily exchange which to be posting upon my partner received it.

Pattern: Bob, (from Knitty.com)
yarn: Rowan all season cotton (used approx. 5.9balls ; 585gms)
needles : 4.5mm

ummm.. :"too fit" to my body, hopefully after washing will saggy a bit.....

progressing very little in Fairy Garden SAL with Lillie . Now is rushing to knit a jacket for my 2nd daughter , who is going to sit for her final primary exam, then to join the school trip to Singapore. I think I can complete by then as during the last long weekend, especially yesterday almost finished the back piece (2 front panels completed), left 2 more sleeves then it is done. Well, my needles are burning as my eldest already casted on a hoodie pullover for herself to enable me to continue then my youngest are looking forward mummy to knit something for her to wear during Children Day in October (finished a pair of sock for her) and she is looking for a top. I need to install turbo engine on my hands :-)

new toys & FO

I am game into new things again, bento. Although I pack food for my 3 girls to school since they were in kindy...I never thought there are so many varieties and choice to pack food.... so I am attracted to buy new stash in bento again. sorry for the photo is quite blur as I was in hurry this morning to pack the food for my daughters....