Tuesday, October 21, 2008


I just received this batch of bento gear from nst.my; accidentally bought extra 2 tier Pooh lunch box (so I am giving my #3 friend); Marie (claimed by youngest), Mickey for 2nd, Pooh (ummm,) may be just for spare, as #1 do not want carton character except Snoopy. Silicon cups, heart shape food cup; snoopy cutters and HK snack box for #3.

Latest yarn stash from Rakuten Japan, which is worth buying. 13 balls of baby soft merino wool (brand: Pino; 40g / 125m)

though blur, finally get this yesterday bento uploaded....today just packed simple meal - steamed sweet potato, red cabbage, sprout ; kiwi & green apple.

BTW: also received number of knitting magazines last week. Expecting another batch of recipie books from Taiwan.

Updates Oct 2008

NOT MUCH SPECIAL BENTO BEING PACKED....my eldest is picky indeed and sometimes I just leave it to her to pack her own food. My second is too worry that I would packed more for her, so she normally will pack bread into her lunch box the night before, she is very organized indeed and she will get ready her uniform / snack/lunchbox and water all ready nicely the night before. Whom I always wished my eldest is learning from this not to be procastinating and always "kelam kabut" in the morning....my youngest? depends on her mood, she leave her lunch box at my sis place and I pack simple snack for her as she is in afternoon section.

grab bag of 10 Noro Kureyon from LittleKnits

Bento 15 Oct 2008 for #3:

moulded egg cut into halves, steamed potato, carrot and grapes

Lunch 15 Oct 2008 (last week had lunch appointment, therefore did not

pack for most working days)

steamed potato, carrots, eggs, grapes & red cabbage & sprouts

20 Oct 2008 - for #1

home-baked raisin buttercake, scone and kiwi

salad & rice (with sweet potato and dried dates)

wrapped with nori, silicon cup just purchase from


#3 requested on Sunday that she wanted raisin

buttercake and scone in her new HK lunchbox, which I just received from nst.my

lunch for me was: 2 rice balls, red cabbage, sprout, half kiwi and green apple. No photo as it is quite blur.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Bento10 Oct 2008

bought ready cook mee hoon from market...divided into 2 bento box, one for my colleague. Top container: half orange, red cabbage & sprout. running out of carrot and tomato. so it is simply pale indeed.

Friday, October 10, 2008


I bake regularly...and lately also caught the cupcakes bug as well. This batch of cupcakes are meant for my colleage (for her birthday). First time playing with cake decoration, especially icing. To my surprise that my 2nd daughter even surprised me with the snowman, cap, sandal and balls moulded from the fondant....I am lousy in creation...brought this to office, also with few cupcakes without icing. my colleagues took back the decorated cupcakes home and finished by their kids.

bento 9 Oct 2008

as I do not cook meal at home (have my meals at my sister's home; as my 3 daughters with them before / after school). So I do not stock much vege / food in my fridge, but much flour instead ; as complained by my SIL that I stocked much flour than food in my fridge. I do baking more than cooking. Have to use up most of my vege in fridge:
top:gree apple
bottom: cherry tomato, 2 herb tea eggs (first time did this), sprout and lettuce under the eggs

knitting in Progress

all my 3 daughters have different style in picking up patterns for me to knit for them. My eldest loves hoodie, so this is the first she has chosen. She picked up non-lacey yarns..;hopefully enough yardage. She rather sacrifice the long sleeve for the hoodie.

pattern: Apres Surf Hoodie, from Interweave Knit spring 2008
yarn : Mark&katen
needles : 2.75mm KP Option Harmony Wood

Monday, October 6, 2008

Bento 6 Oct 08

I think I just pack sufficiently for my lunch today...in double layer bento box
top: apple + kiwi & cherry tomato
bottom: slightly oyster sauce marinated chicken breast meat (110gm) + green beans + steam japanese beancurd

this is breakfast required by my youngest: kiwi + toast (cheese & butter), which I made for her last Saturday & she requested she wants the same for Monday.