Monday, April 28, 2008

2nd Shawl - WIPS

pattern: Agatha Logan Chick Shawl (by Rebecca Logan, from Etsy shop)
yarn: Elbe (Japan) Peony -acrylic
needle: 3.5mm circular

just finished 2nd repeat, hopefully to complete by this weekend. As a beginner in shawl knitting, I have difficulty at beginning . fun to knit...

Thursday, April 24, 2008

new WIPs

new WIP started: 23 April 2008
fabric: 32ct linen, 1 over 2
threads: Belle Soile, started with Fresh Rasberry and Elegant Eggplant; may use
Blue for the capital L

I have had enough WIPs and UFOs, yet could not wait to start this. Hopefully I am discipline to complete it by this year?

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

a gift from my dear friend

I am so happy and excited to see this cute FO, by my dear friend, Khai Wen. Thank you very much...when I told her I want to stitch this one day, she told that she wanted to stitch for me. I am touched. I know her when I was working in Melaka,...being house-mate before i come back to Kuantan. She is so
"hooked" to cross stitch once I "influenced" her into it....such a dear friend to spend her precious time to stitch patiently all the 5 cute bears for me. Appreciation beyond words...

FO: Orange Bolero

thread: DMC Petra No.5 (100g), used abt 90gms (color: 5722)
hook: 2mm? (coz this needle stated 3/0 , yet it is smaller)
started: 7 Apr 2008 ; completed: 13 Apr 2008
Initially this is for my youngest DD, however while I was doing this in Penang during last weekend, the little cute 6yrs niece wanted so much and asked could I do one pink color if I finished this. Since my youngest DD willing to give it to her first, I completed without edging on sleeves and managed to give to her before coming home yesterday evening. This pattern is quite easy, as I found that this time I could manage the decreasing at sleeve hole better. I need to do another 2 of this pattern - 1 for my youngest and another one for my 2nd DD.

Monday, April 7, 2008

first XS FO in 2008, finally

LK Stamp Series, on 32 ct Linen,
Threads: Mostly Overdyed cotton threads from Niza's Needle Odysseys....feel a bit reluctant to use the threads coz worry I will have less collections. But if I do not use, there is no better excuse for me to buy more threads. In facts I did buy from time to time.

Ashamed to admit that this project started in November 2005, I was distracted to so many cross stitch charts / patterns that I collected, knitting , crochet.

Last night, started one new crochet for my eldest, then my second complaining that hers is not finished by mummy yet I could not locate where did I keep it during my spring cleaning early Jan this year. Hehee...I will have excuse to start a new crochet project again.