Monday, April 7, 2008

first XS FO in 2008, finally

LK Stamp Series, on 32 ct Linen,
Threads: Mostly Overdyed cotton threads from Niza's Needle Odysseys....feel a bit reluctant to use the threads coz worry I will have less collections. But if I do not use, there is no better excuse for me to buy more threads. In facts I did buy from time to time.

Ashamed to admit that this project started in November 2005, I was distracted to so many cross stitch charts / patterns that I collected, knitting , crochet.

Last night, started one new crochet for my eldest, then my second complaining that hers is not finished by mummy yet I could not locate where did I keep it during my spring cleaning early Jan this year. Hehee...I will have excuse to start a new crochet project again.


Lillie said...

Congrads! Beautifully done.

biblo said...

Lovely finished, Aw.

Which reminds me I have an unfinished LK flip-it, too...

Carol R said...

Great finish and what a pretty little girl holding it!