Monday, March 23, 2009

more roving stash

I am busying to experience with all lovely roving and slowly I am building up another "species" of stash .....roving / fiber for spinning.. and I tried first time on dyeing as well....together with my #3...the result is quite satisfying

left: sweet candy , colored by #3
right: autum leaves - dyed by ME :P

3 rovings from Spindlefrog, etsy seller
from bottom left (clock-wise) corriedale julia, falkland party & BFL Mad hatter

all 4 from Halona yarn, UK
I have joined a fiber club with EGMTK, Australia by April to June I am expecting another 3 more rovings.....ehhhe....I am still a little less in fiber next to buy: Superwash Merino....wooo...I am knitting with Wolmeisse lovely sock yarn, so soft ....

new craze/new toy

I must be crazy. Ever since I am back to knitting, seeing spinners spun their own yarn, was eyeing for spindle or wheel years ago. Get the spindle 2 years ago and never managed to spin fine sock / lace yarn .
by End of Feb 2009, craze struck me ...I ordered Majacraft Pioneer wheel from NZ and here my stash craze built up day by day

wheel spun2 : mulled vine blue sock yarn (3 ply)
3ply: 295yds (85gm) 200yds (90gm)

first wheel spun

fixed up the wheel but not managed to spin :P

2ply from spindle spun wool yarn

received this lovely Majacraft Pioneer 26th Feb, assembled and tried until 3am still could not spin a length of yarn, instead full of fiber on the floor

spindle & roving from Multifilla, KL


I love knitting sock..may be it is small item and easily to finish and I always make sure I finished them.

this is Hotsock KAL with Malaysian knitters group. The top photo was CO officially 1 Mar 2009, by 14th Mar ripped all and re-CO; ogggg...something wrong again, I ripped all again, start with another lovely yarn (from Wolmeisse, Jumtomte Sock Club yarn #1) on 21 Mar 2009. So far so good, I am at 3rd repeat of instep pattern.

simple anklet

yarn: The Knittery Cashmerino

gift to a friend's daughter who is studying in Australia now

finished in Feb 2009.

Mail Art

did not update this blog for more than a month: will let photo to tell more on what I have been busying with:

sorry for some blur image:

Freebie MA (from Joanne)
hand delivered by Joanne together with her own home baked sweet bun. Thank you, Joanne for the tasty bun ; as well as the gift.

Valentine MA to Pierre , Finland

Valentine MA : stitched by #2, Wee Kie to Jean Schowe (USA)
unfortunately, Jean's MA lost in transit and sorry that she has to re-stitch

Freebie MA (to Michelle, Greece)