Monday, March 31, 2008

blessing in disguise

I agreed with friend that it is blessing in disguise. With hospitalization without much serious condition I am lucky to recovering from the popular stuff in tropical country "dengue" without high fever but blood test indicated positive.

I was hospitalized for 1 day last Wednesday; and discharged on condition to do regular blood test at hospital again within a week's time. While the nurse sending me to ward she asked "didn't you contact any family member?" coz I was sent by my colleague to hospital durin work hour; since the ward was full I had to rest in daycare room (due to dizziness) prior to hospitalized. First time I really have a deep thought on this: I do not want my family member to worry about me until later. I totally agreed that as time passes, I learnt to build my inner strength to face life difficulties one day at a time and be much independant. If this happened 7 years ago, the first person that I called would be my late hubby and cried as well. I had no tears, not sad though the nurse asked me the question.

I got a week MC, but to office on and off too. During the weekend, I managed to finish the followings:

A simple tote bag for my second daughter, Wee Kie. Initially she wanted to buy a file to keep all her BM textbooks & workbooks as requested by teacher. She could not find one, so I suggested why not I sew one with fabric. Well, I use remnants of fabric swatch (for curtain) which I obtained from my friend. Tried with my Bernina various stitches... tah..daaa....not very good in finishing.

pattern: SimpleArtsPlanet
the Pinky Monkey is for my colleague's daughter who celebrates her birthday today;
the Purple Mouse is requested by my eldest daughter, Wee Ven,as her friend also celebrates birthday today.

WIP: Dutch Beauty
Border stitched with DMC, remaining mostly with Anchor thread. Very slow in progress, out of total 21 pages chart, I am still on Page 1 border, found it is taxing on my eyesight as I am using so called 36ct Japaneses linen (2 over 2).

In addition, in fact my Print o' The Wave Stole is progressing a bit smoothly and better, I think. finished 4 repeats since I started 21 Mar.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008


Thank you very much for dropping by this blog and leave comment. Sharing views and encouragement from each other are the great motivation especially during knitting/craft hibernation...:-)

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

new member in the series

2 new members are added to the series, e.g. Wilbie Piglet (pink-blue) & Yellow Tortoise (a gift to friend)

My daughters have well planned to queue up animals to make for them.

Friday, March 7, 2008

I am in Arigurumi mania?

pattern: Greko Puppy from
my pinky puppy turn out very funny, looks like Pooh? Piglet? Rat? (my colleague
pull both ears up, and looks like rat)

puppy with Kelly
the puppy is bigger than Kelly....ok, serve the purpose to protect her.

I must admit my finishing is still in infancy stage...yet I am amused during the progress. The green tortoise given to my colleague son is happily taken care by the owner (a 3 yrs old boy). My colleague said he brought him out, sleep with him and before to kindy, place a ball and remind the tortoise to be good when home alone. Ok...I told her that I am going to accumulate some different animals for him to take care.

Thursday, March 6, 2008

new Arigurumi member..

although I am not very satisfied with my finishing. Fun part is while I was doing all this Arigurumi animal series, I was amused with my progress and always burst into laughter, I told my girls OMG, am I going to be crazy

Wednesday, March 5, 2008


I am diverted to new toys again. I have been reading blogs of Lis simplearts planet ( amigurumi and fascinated with all the cute dolls.

My result is: flat hump tortoise. I was puzzling must be something went wrong, finally figured out this morning that I was so eager to finish it fast with my girls urge too, I left out 6 rows on the body. My youngest took it to bed and slept with her last night. She took the photo with her real tortoise. I am trying on the owl again, while exercise on my station bicycle, finished the body...hopefully tonight I could finish the owl. Showed the above photo to my colleagues, they requested for their children....ok I would do for them and even planned to take the threads & needles along while queuing up at election this Saturday.