Wednesday, December 26, 2007

XMas Present

my sister just came back from Japan , as my BIL is coming for biz trip, he passed this to me...Ohhhh...fat quarters of fabric, in Xmas theme. According to my BIL, there so many shops there selling crafty items there, just they dunno how to buy and also due to time constraint. I am most delighted with this 10pcs of fabric..I told my DDs and sister, can we wish to go to Japan and just for mummy craft shopping there? So we have to save money for our goal , a trip to Japan. and whatelse to do....have to start knitting something warm for us....LOL

Monday, December 24, 2007


pattern: from Japaness magazine, Teami Daisuki (A/W 2007/2008)
yarn: DMC Senso & Harlequin
needle: circular 3.5mm
remark: amazingly my eldest daughter could knit quite an even stocking stitch, in
facts I almost throw it to her to do it alone , she would only refer when-
ever she encountered problems. As I was busying with my work in front of
the computer lately, ....hope she could finish by 2007.

thread: DMC Petra (no.5)
hook: 3/0 crochet hook
pattern: Keitodama Spring /Summer 2007
wip: there is lacy waving edging on both sleeves, collar and bottom , as at today, finished one sleeve.

my first trial on spinnin. Not satisfied with the result, but slowly getting the idea of drafting the roving to acheive thin yarn

ok....this is non-craft. I love baking, in facts I am very lousy in cooking. Guess what, whenever, during holidays or weekends, as long as I could cook some toast, baked beans, fried eggs, boiled soup or cooked simple meat, my daughters would finish all. In baking, lately my 2nd and youngest always love to help me around, so this is the sausage bread and they get good response from my girls and colleagues. Ok, not a failed cook. :-)

Monday, December 17, 2007

non-crafty post

this post is without photo, just feel like jotting few lines...

I am working on a bolero / shrug (from Keitodama Summer 2007) for friend, finished the back and front, have to seam up and crochet the edging. Slow down due to my busy workload at my new workplace.

Tonight I was organizing my wardrobe, found that
there are few shirts are old yet I am not willing to throw nor given away, :

(a) 2 t-shirts which I bought in 1991 from Thailand, one for my late-beloved hubby who is "away" for 6 years and one for myself....I love the wordings most and I am still wearing it though it is old: " OF ALL THE FEELINGS , THERE IS ONE THAT MATTERS: THE GIFT OF LOVING"

(B) A T-shirt which was wore by my late hubby when he was in primary school.....

(c) a sport jacket and cap given by my SIL to her brother (my hubby) which was his favourite, Blue Jays logo on it...yes , he was a big fan of baseball until I would buy him USA Today whenever I saw it at the airport in KL

(d) in facts , not just a few. Though I have given out many, there are some still in the corner of my / my DDs' wardrobe; and this included some of the birtday cards, birthday cards and letters that he gave /sent to me

dunno why, just feel like jotting down , I thought I am ok just to write down this as I worry that one day I may forgetting all this? I think I am ok after all this 6 years? suddenly I feel like crying .....I thought I would no longer cry and moving ahead with life,; I am cheating myself, I still cry out of no reason...

Monday, December 3, 2007

FO: Scarf

Pattern: from Japanese book, Teami Daisuki Autumn/winter 2007
yarn: Blue (Lion Cotton Ease, used 2 ply together, all 4 balls & diamond pattern / middel section - using 3 ply, Butterfly Super 10 - 3 balls)

this is finally completed. Casted on by mummy (me), continue knitting by my 2nd daughter. As my BIL is in town, so I have to finish before they leave today, so this morning I finished last 12 rows of the middle section, changed to blue Cotton Ease yarn, asked my eldest daughter to continue and cast off and weave off all the loose ends too. So it goes to the new owner today.