Monday, December 17, 2007

non-crafty post

this post is without photo, just feel like jotting few lines...

I am working on a bolero / shrug (from Keitodama Summer 2007) for friend, finished the back and front, have to seam up and crochet the edging. Slow down due to my busy workload at my new workplace.

Tonight I was organizing my wardrobe, found that
there are few shirts are old yet I am not willing to throw nor given away, :

(a) 2 t-shirts which I bought in 1991 from Thailand, one for my late-beloved hubby who is "away" for 6 years and one for myself....I love the wordings most and I am still wearing it though it is old: " OF ALL THE FEELINGS , THERE IS ONE THAT MATTERS: THE GIFT OF LOVING"

(B) A T-shirt which was wore by my late hubby when he was in primary school.....

(c) a sport jacket and cap given by my SIL to her brother (my hubby) which was his favourite, Blue Jays logo on it...yes , he was a big fan of baseball until I would buy him USA Today whenever I saw it at the airport in KL

(d) in facts , not just a few. Though I have given out many, there are some still in the corner of my / my DDs' wardrobe; and this included some of the birtday cards, birthday cards and letters that he gave /sent to me

dunno why, just feel like jotting down , I thought I am ok just to write down this as I worry that one day I may forgetting all this? I think I am ok after all this 6 years? suddenly I feel like crying .....I thought I would no longer cry and moving ahead with life,; I am cheating myself, I still cry out of no reason...


nurhanne said...

You are not crying for no reason; you are cryng for the loss of someone you loved. And that's ok. Hope you feel better for it.

Lois said...

i have the yarns pending for you.

pls email me at loisleong @