Monday, November 26, 2007

new stash

Thank you for comments and suggestion...yeah, mirror image as Janey proposed. Faizon, thank you for viewing. I think by starting them young then mummy would have more excuses to buy more stash :-)

I just bought this:
Vintage knit

quite an advance knitting projects, what caught my attention were the 3 pretty shawls, the sweaters are nice too, but by trying them means I have to spend $ on my yarn budget?

Thursday, November 22, 2007

exploring new hobby

my youngest daughter (8 years old) are always fascinated with mummy hobby, cross stitching. OK, now it is her turn to stitch, so engrossed, and she managed to finish her name using overdyed thread experimented by me...:-) She tried crochet but gives up presently, coz I do not know how to teach her as she is lefty.


pattern: DMC Petra booklet
yarn: DMC senso, exactly 1 ball (strap using flower beads, chosen by my youngest who
is the owner of this cute tank??? from the eldest sister)
cannot wait to finish the strap and to wear for posting
bottom photo: my eldest daughter who knitted this for her youngest sister

pattern: freebie
yarn: Sirdar snuggly

Pattern: Japanese pattern
yarn: Butterfly Super 10, using 3 ply (middle section) light blue (1)+2 silver
Bottom section: Lion Cotton Ease
knitting by this 2nd daughter for my sister

pattern: free, Dublin Bay Sock
gift to my mother
yarn: Chinese wool yarn, 1 ball (needle #1, dpn)

pattern: Let Knit Series
yarn: Schaechmyr (denim) 4 balls
finished in 15 hours (Sept 07)

pattern: Japanese pattern (either Keitodama / Knitworld)
yarn: Butterfly Super 10 , 1 skein (finished within a week in July)
needle: 4mm
the scarf is a gift to the friend in UK, who is wearing it in this photo

Pattern: Japanese Pattern (modified without fringe at bottom as per my daughter request)
Yarn : DMC Petra

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Rusted Root

pattern : Rusted Root by Zephyr Style
yarn: Garnstudio, Muskat 100% cotton, abt 7.25balls(795m)
needles: 4mm circular

I have seen most knitters FO online, day could not resist and click to add this pattern to my stash and immediately cast on...knitted until 90 rows , the joining part has a big hole, ripped all and re-knit....finally finished , though not perfect , I love it very much