Tuesday, May 20, 2008


pattern: Let's knit series (Men's knit) - sweater, vest, muffler & cap
size : M
yarn : Online (wool),
weight of finished cardigan : 760 gm
finished this cardi in April 2008 but never motivated to seam up. I had problem how to tidy up the seam, seeing here and there, never satisfied with it. final reference to online tutorial , which I find is very much helpful. The last time I seamed up a sweater was more than 20 years ago, which I was not good at all, as all this while I am self-taught. Handed this cardi to my friend and forgotten to have a photo on the receipient. Featured here was me with the sweater on right after seaming up, this is also first project with zip.

after this good experience of seaming up, decided that I want to knit another cardi for my father,but not immediately coz need to find the right yarn from my stash. Apparently all my stash yarn are cotton.

Friday, May 2, 2008


this is a long-aged WIP (or rather one of my UFOs). Maybe this round with motivation of SAL with Lillie , we could progress steadily with this cute fairies. All in I have only stitched 4 hrs in April...yet to finish the top section.

In facts I have stitched quite a fair bit on this PC-Love with a Capital L yesterday. However, I had a good long nap yesterday, with my DDs, what a wonderful day, slept to our satisfaction....LOL, seemed not enough sleep forever.

On knitting side, progressing to 3rd repeat of the Agatha shawl. I think most liketly to post the picture after completion.