Thursday, September 6, 2007

quick peep after long silence

I have not been blogging since I came back to my home town...thought of having good rest while finishing some of the freelance project in hand. things happened unexpectedly, i take it positively as blessings. At least I solved the problem to look for job since one of the banker friend recommended me to this job and need to report immediately....ok, there goes my plan to go for good rest and I am working madly more than 72 hours a week. I missed my stitching and knitting.

this is non-picture posting blog....I will be back with some photo. Odd enough last week on biz trip and took my weekend rest in KL, I finished half of a shrug and while waiting, at LRT, in train,...all in i finished the shrug by the time I came back Monday. I took 15 hrs to complete it.

will post it later