Monday, April 20, 2009

Mickey & Minnie pasta

I took a day leave 2 weeks ago, #2 told me not to cook as she would come home to cook this Mickey pasta for us....this cute pasta is posted from Singapore, appreciation to a knitter friend who helped me to buy, pack and post them to it #3 favourite, and told the sisters that she felt relunctant to eat the pasta, scared to finish them

Thank you ->

Lillie, thank you for "stopping" by...the pasta is cute, I still have another 2 packets , Winnie & Princess..., BTW: I have to admit spinning is addictive, sit & spin.....spin,....hopefully #3 continue her interest in spinning.

Jackie: ummm....u r most welcome, worry the pasta get stiff upon your arrival....:D : thank you for your compliments.


shhh...another spinning wheel. Though this is used yet it is almost new...thank you, for a dear friend helped to get this...supposed to buy for a friend but blessing in disguise, delayed decision made me think I shall keep this. Another knitter friend wants it #3 plays with it, #1 & #2 agreed that mummy cannot have 2 wheels. Frankly speaking, I feel relunctant to depart with it...#3 said no....see she is enjoying....while guiding her told her not to give up as mummy takes 2 months to spin fine...she replied: "ummm I think I will take less than that coz I have mummy to teach me" embarrassed, luckily there are no advanced spinners around us at home :P

10minutes spinning a day

superwash merino, 3 ply, 386yds
col: skipperoo (fr: EGMTK)

ashford wool, 2ply, 600yds++, color dyed by #3

2ply laceweight, 730m, merino
col: Syhamal (fr: EGMTK)

whenever I see my wheel, I want to spin at least 10 minutes, which I cannot guarantee myself far I love this wheel. Not much being done, time is limited...stash is accumulating.

where stitchers gather

not much stitches done
this is SAL with NNC group....but I think I am forever having this UFO tiny bind is done..

Victoria Sampler "WHERE STITCHERS GATHER" on 28ct linen