Monday, July 28, 2008


yarn: Knit Picks Gloss (used 21gms for 1 side)
pattern: Breeze (from Knitty)
needles : 2 circulars 2.5mm, KP Harmony

3 books purchased from Amazon, Japan; included Setsuko Torri Hand Knits Work which is hot topic for knitters interested with Habu, Knitters' Almanac by Elizabeth Zimmerman, and one Ondori knit book too

trial and error of my spinning
spindle: from Sublime, UK

pattern: bag , from a Japanese book
thread: normal wrapping thread for parcel, purchased from stationery shop
hook: 8/0

pattern: from the same Japanese craft book, borrowed from friend
yarn: from stash

purchase 12 balls of socks yarns from

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

new toys ?

received the above two new "toys" plus a packet of seaming pin and weaving needles from Joann, USA via Vpost. My DDs are fascinated with them and result? 5 balls of yarn....though scary shipping cost incurred, time savings on yarn winding to enable me much time to knit ultimately is the best consolation...the below snap showed my second daughter, WK was busy to wind the yarn (sorry for the blur photo)

Monday, July 7, 2008

funny socks

first Monkey sock is done. This sock intended for my eldest daughter, somehow, at the cuff/heel part, it is too small for her, though I could wear it,ooopss, her feet is bigger than me. Luckily it fits my 2nd daughter, well....I need more practice, first one Pablo deep meant for my 2nd daughter went to my youngest; whereas this supposed for the eldest ended up for the second. Somehow I find my knit gauge is quite loose, does not snuggle as fit as others I saw online.

the sock blocker by using normal wire is made by the sock owner (my 2nd daughter); she wrapped the sharp end with ribbon, decorated with a small button; helped by her eldest sis at final finishing part.

taaahhh...daaa...featuring stitch markers made by my youngest daughter for mummy. Thank you, Wee Nee....such a lovely thought

Thursday, July 3, 2008


pattern: Toe up Monkey (by Cookie A)
yarn: Online Supersocke
needles: 2.5mm , 2 circulars

pattern: Pablo Deep (toe up)
needles: size 0, DPNs
yarn: Online supersocke, used up 52gms

being queit to update this blog....busy as ever. Luckily still manage to steal time to put some stitches on my Garden Fairies (SAL with Lillie). Completed a pair of socks, supposed for my second daughter, however last night she decided to pass it to the youngest ...this morning when I did not see the sock, wooo...she wore it to bed. first time knitted with sock yarn, in facts this is my 4th pair of socks...more to come. Last night cast on toe up Monkey , tried magic loop method, fun and easy indeed. Unfortunately I only have this 2.5mm smallest needles at home. Have to get smaller circular needles for my next try, 2 socks on circular