Monday, July 28, 2008


yarn: Knit Picks Gloss (used 21gms for 1 side)
pattern: Breeze (from Knitty)
needles : 2 circulars 2.5mm, KP Harmony

3 books purchased from Amazon, Japan; included Setsuko Torri Hand Knits Work which is hot topic for knitters interested with Habu, Knitters' Almanac by Elizabeth Zimmerman, and one Ondori knit book too

trial and error of my spinning
spindle: from Sublime, UK

pattern: bag , from a Japanese book
thread: normal wrapping thread for parcel, purchased from stationery shop
hook: 8/0

pattern: from the same Japanese craft book, borrowed from friend
yarn: from stash

purchase 12 balls of socks yarns from


Lillie said...

Nice stash of yarns.Socks yarn?Loved the socks'color and the bag is looking good...

Aw said...

thank you Lillie, I have few hrs stitching on the Garden Fairies too. Yet to post the pic. Yes, all the yarns is meant for knitting socks to my 3 girls, nephews, father , sisters...etc. Luckily with anklet sock, I can have 2 pairs from a 100gm ball of yarn. Thank you for "visiting".

Charlene said...

Hey Aw .. I just nominate your name for Kreativ Award. Check out my blog dear ... :-)

Aniza said...

Wow! You have been busy!!!! Lots of great stash and WIPs.....very nice...!