Thursday, August 14, 2008

garden fairies

uploading progress being ages, finally uploaded. Not much being stitched, green leaf at the left section. Stitching being taken back-seat due to my latest craze in Japanese yarn / paper yarn

kit from: Avril Japan
needles: 4.5mm bamboo

more than 1kg of paper linen yarn from Japan....the moment I opened the box from Japan, my sister, my eldest daughter and myself reacted with big O (mouth open widely) ;;; tough time to wind up.

had a bad flu lately, worried to have chicken pox yet I am having a bad cough...gain ? yes, I lost 2kg ..:-)


Lillie said...

Hope you are feeling much better as the day goes by. Carefull with the cough. Paper yarn looks interesting thou. Nice progress on the GF..which reminds me, mine is missing from my blog..LOL I'll do it at ASAP.

Enjoy your weekend.

Aw said...

hahha....mine also lost for the past 2 months. The paper yarn is as light as paper. thank you, I resume to work yesterday, in facts I made a day trip to work in KL Wednesday and by the time I touched home, slept deadly :-)