Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Thank you

sorry I did not post after seeing the comments...Thank you very much for viewing
Mona - thank you to bring me into the world of lace knitting....I am dropping flat on the floor due to this new hobby...LOL

Barbara - I am greedy to try out new thing...yah, busy with work and stash

Lene - u r focus to cross stitching, so u will have more Finished Objects rather than me, end up all in WIPs bin and stash

ummmm....did not start stitching last 2 days, but preparing / planning some new start upon finishing my LK Stamp Series...

quick buy

I was undecided whether to go the shop to buy glasshead pin after work, as it was quite late and not easy to find a car park near the shop. Finally drove there and lucky to find a car park in front of the shop. When I went into the section to see whether they have any knitting needles,...I found that they also sell Japanese knitting magazine....and yarns. the girls was so nice to open up one by one to let me view the patterns and enjoyed seeing the patterns...ta dahhhhh....

Monday, April 23, 2007

lately being addicted to knitting...prior to advance in knitting I am advance in stashing of yarns. Acquiring stash from another knitters and trying in lace not know the outcome, but I am loving it....not many hours spent yet I can see the pattern is emerging. It is luna moth shawl, free pattern from

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

received the magazines last weekend...still have 1 extra copy of Special Marquoir and few copies of Mail Art...pls email me if interested. Lovely MAs in there and the gorgeous samplers of course is a must WANT TO DO!

Monday, April 9, 2007

first Tree in the Forest

cannot resist to start : Rosewood Manor - And A Forest Grew, stitch on 32ct cream DMC linen, with DMC floss and some of Dip & Twist overdyed floss (by Niza)


finally found that with bluetooth is so convenient for me to transfer the photo,

WIP updates

finished first side of the sox (Vintage Rose)....model by my 2nd daughter

actual completed sox (is a free sox projects by Knit Today)

Thursday, April 5, 2007

[R][E][D][O][N][E] What is Your TRUE Astrology Sign? (for guys and girls with incredibly detailed answers and incredible picture

You are a Cancer, the funniest sign of the zodiac. You are family-oriented, loyal, lovable, kind, sensitive, intuitive and imaginitive! You are very, very protective of your friends, and you give them great advice! The animal you are most like is, a crab! Crabs are very smart, mabe thats why they have lived for over 500 million years! Crabs have a tough exteriorin which they hide their soft-selfs (just like you and your emotions). And just like the crab, you have two ways to go in life, the hard lifeless shell or the heart!

-your lucky colors are sea green(the color of your home, the sea) and silver(the color of the moon)

-your metal is silver (me:didnt see that one comming*note the sarcasum*)

-your precious stone is a pearl

-your lucky day of the week is monday

-your element is water

-the planet you are ruled by is the moon, hey your just like the tides, you know the moon makes the tides go in and out!! Oh well, guess not

-the parts of the body that you rule are your stomach and breasts(me:stop giggling, he he)

-your true love comes from a scorpio, pisces, taurus, or your own cancer!
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Your color of magic is Violet
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Wednesday, April 4, 2007

3rd April, Started MA exchange

started a MA, which is due to send out by 30th April, found the pattern on 18ct aida is a bit smaller....then told myself do not bother the size, just finished stitching and finishing is coming along... also knit one round of pattern for the pink lace sox...