Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Thank You

my utmost appreciation to every comments / compliments posted in this blog. They are encouraging and motivating. Thank you very much for reading this blogs.

first smocking skirt

pattern: Born To Shop
from: Designers' Smocking for Tots and Teens (the publisher of Australian Smocking & Embroidery)
pattern by: Debbie Shepherd
fabric: 100% cotton, bought from Kelvin (KL, authorized Bernina distributor)

I have bought pleater more than 4 years ago, but never attempted / finished a smocking project. Lately my 2nd DD told me: "mummy, if you do not try it, I am growing up, then I have no chance to wear any smocking dress / skirt made by mummy". so finally, I "forced" myself to cut out , pleated ....wooo.,,this is the hardest section with sweating hours to fix on the needles and started pleating,...whereas I have not much difficulty to try with the smocking stitches, which I love them indeed. Then comes to construction / assembly of the skirt,...another think/ pause/trial section....taa daa....though not very good finishing, I love the finished result. I felt satisfied with sewing experience with my Bernina, zipper footer, zig zag, overlock stitches...

My eldest and youngest DD are flipping through the magazines and book to search for their patterns. LOL

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

fabric portfolio

I did not do much either cross stitch or other DD asked me to sew a fabric for her with Hello Kitty on it...finally did it last night. Not a neat finishing, however, I am happy that I could sew the zip without frogging it, as I was carefully "studying" the instruction of this fabric portolio publihed in Quilt Mag Spring 2008.