Monday, December 24, 2007


pattern: from Japaness magazine, Teami Daisuki (A/W 2007/2008)
yarn: DMC Senso & Harlequin
needle: circular 3.5mm
remark: amazingly my eldest daughter could knit quite an even stocking stitch, in
facts I almost throw it to her to do it alone , she would only refer when-
ever she encountered problems. As I was busying with my work in front of
the computer lately, ....hope she could finish by 2007.

thread: DMC Petra (no.5)
hook: 3/0 crochet hook
pattern: Keitodama Spring /Summer 2007
wip: there is lacy waving edging on both sleeves, collar and bottom , as at today, finished one sleeve.

my first trial on spinnin. Not satisfied with the result, but slowly getting the idea of drafting the roving to acheive thin yarn

ok....this is non-craft. I love baking, in facts I am very lousy in cooking. Guess what, whenever, during holidays or weekends, as long as I could cook some toast, baked beans, fried eggs, boiled soup or cooked simple meat, my daughters would finish all. In baking, lately my 2nd and youngest always love to help me around, so this is the sausage bread and they get good response from my girls and colleagues. Ok, not a failed cook. :-)

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