Monday, March 31, 2008

blessing in disguise

I agreed with friend that it is blessing in disguise. With hospitalization without much serious condition I am lucky to recovering from the popular stuff in tropical country "dengue" without high fever but blood test indicated positive.

I was hospitalized for 1 day last Wednesday; and discharged on condition to do regular blood test at hospital again within a week's time. While the nurse sending me to ward she asked "didn't you contact any family member?" coz I was sent by my colleague to hospital durin work hour; since the ward was full I had to rest in daycare room (due to dizziness) prior to hospitalized. First time I really have a deep thought on this: I do not want my family member to worry about me until later. I totally agreed that as time passes, I learnt to build my inner strength to face life difficulties one day at a time and be much independant. If this happened 7 years ago, the first person that I called would be my late hubby and cried as well. I had no tears, not sad though the nurse asked me the question.

I got a week MC, but to office on and off too. During the weekend, I managed to finish the followings:

A simple tote bag for my second daughter, Wee Kie. Initially she wanted to buy a file to keep all her BM textbooks & workbooks as requested by teacher. She could not find one, so I suggested why not I sew one with fabric. Well, I use remnants of fabric swatch (for curtain) which I obtained from my friend. Tried with my Bernina various stitches... tah..daaa....not very good in finishing.

pattern: SimpleArtsPlanet
the Pinky Monkey is for my colleague's daughter who celebrates her birthday today;
the Purple Mouse is requested by my eldest daughter, Wee Ven,as her friend also celebrates birthday today.

WIP: Dutch Beauty
Border stitched with DMC, remaining mostly with Anchor thread. Very slow in progress, out of total 21 pages chart, I am still on Page 1 border, found it is taxing on my eyesight as I am using so called 36ct Japaneses linen (2 over 2).

In addition, in fact my Print o' The Wave Stole is progressing a bit smoothly and better, I think. finished 4 repeats since I started 21 Mar.


nurhanne said...

Glad to hear you're ok after the dengue - take good care of yourself now!
That purple mouse is adorable :-)

Lillie said...

So glad that you are safe from dengue. You made some lovely finishes while on MC. Dutch beauty is looking good.

Take care.

Anonymous said...