Monday, March 23, 2009

new craze/new toy

I must be crazy. Ever since I am back to knitting, seeing spinners spun their own yarn, was eyeing for spindle or wheel years ago. Get the spindle 2 years ago and never managed to spin fine sock / lace yarn .
by End of Feb 2009, craze struck me ...I ordered Majacraft Pioneer wheel from NZ and here my stash craze built up day by day

wheel spun2 : mulled vine blue sock yarn (3 ply)
3ply: 295yds (85gm) 200yds (90gm)

first wheel spun

fixed up the wheel but not managed to spin :P

2ply from spindle spun wool yarn

received this lovely Majacraft Pioneer 26th Feb, assembled and tried until 3am still could not spin a length of yarn, instead full of fiber on the floor

spindle & roving from Multifilla, KL


Lillie said...

Enjoy your new toy...lovely looking fibers. Both sock and the hotsock looks good from my end here, enjoy :D

Jackie said...

I m alway wanting to know - is there a "why" of placing a coin there ? i seen it before.

Sahara said...

Hi! I'm about to buy a Majacraft Pioneer, and you're the second person (the first was on Ravelry), who had a hard time getting it to spin. Now that you've had success, I'd like to know what happened. I live in NYC and there's no one around me to give me a review. I have an Ashford Kiwi, and a Louet Victoria which I love. I'm about to sell the Kiwi, and am thinking about the pioneer. What are your thoughts?

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