Monday, October 6, 2008

Bento 6 Oct 08

I think I just pack sufficiently for my lunch double layer bento box
top: apple + kiwi & cherry tomato
bottom: slightly oyster sauce marinated chicken breast meat (110gm) + green beans + steam japanese beancurd

this is breakfast required by my youngest: kiwi + toast (cheese & butter), which I made for her last Saturday & she requested she wants the same for Monday.


Lillie said...

Looks like Winnie the pooh. So cute!

Aw said...

Hi, Lillie
thank you for visiting this blog. The bread is from Pooh bread crazy on all this cute stuff with my kids :-)

Janet C said...

You caught the bento bug, too. *wink*
Pooh is cute!

Aw said...

hi, Janet, thank you for reading this blog. Yes,I am caught wtih bento bugs, I have been pack food for my 3 daughters but I never thought I could do it in cute bento gears