Tuesday, October 21, 2008


I just received this batch of bento gear from nst.my; accidentally bought extra 2 tier Pooh lunch box (so I am giving my #3 friend); Marie (claimed by youngest), Mickey for 2nd, Pooh (ummm,) may be just for spare, as #1 do not want carton character except Snoopy. Silicon cups, heart shape food cup; snoopy cutters and HK snack box for #3.

Latest yarn stash from Rakuten Japan, which is worth buying. 13 balls of baby soft merino wool (brand: Pino; 40g / 125m)

though blur, finally get this yesterday bento uploaded....today just packed simple meal - steamed sweet potato, red cabbage, sprout ; kiwi & green apple.

BTW: also received number of knitting magazines last week. Expecting another batch of recipie books from Taiwan.


Celia said...

Hi Aw, you had asked about how to order yarn from Yanagiya (Japanese website). I just posted my order process, thought I'd drop a note to let you know.

Lillie said...

Lovely haul of bento boxes and the yarns looks lovely. I think you have enable me too with the yarns...in a way..LOL