Monday, December 15, 2008

long hibernation

- bought his Wonder Mould from Wilton PJ. I baked the cake, decoration by my #2, Wee
Kie, this is the first decoarative Barbie doll cake as a trial piece. As she planned to decorate
a 2nd one for my niece (Jordan) as birthday cake when she was here last week .

- baked normal buttercake for the wonder mould, and kids (my 3 girls and another 2 boys of
friend kept asking when could they eat the cake. So baked additional in this bear mould,
which I bought from Wilton , PJ.

- sunflower silicone mould bought from Wilton PJ.

- I did bento from time to time, just that I am lazy to take photo,
as I was rushing to office (most of the time). this bento is for #3

- my last batch of bento gears in 2008

It has been more than 1 1/2 month for me disappearing from blog world. November 2008 was a "testing" month for me. Brought my mum in / out hospital, as she was schedule to have cataract surgery on 9th Dec and finally the General Hospital did it as scheduled. They had been telling me postponed , on and postponed. Very frustrating as during that time, the nurse did some mistake and I have to bring my mum for additional visit. Every visit means I have to take 1/2 day off from work and I have finished all my leaves, as on the 14th November , my dad fell off from roof and admitted to hospital. Basically I was in / out clinic, hospital every weeks and was sick almost every week , may be due to the wet weather and I was running in / out from car and got myself wet due to dizziling raindrops. I should not have complained though, as I fully utilised the 3hrs waiting hour in hospitals to knit / cross stitch.

During this "challenging" period, friends are my good moral supporter and helped me a lot. I am tired and worn off especially both parents are not cooperative patients at all and until today my dad is supposed to be bed-ridden yet he is not cooperative and moved around in the house, which leads to worsen fractured hip-bones. Just wished both well and be cooperative to doctors advice.
The above photos meant to be uploaded since ages ago:...


Citygurl said...
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Lillie said...

Sorry, I had to delete the first comment I wrote, Diane didn't signout from her blog and her blogname appeared..gulp!

Lovely cake, can I have one for my BD?? LOL...just kidding

Good attempt and I loved your new blog.