Tuesday, September 2, 2008


finished and wore this to work 2 weeks ago,...just too lazy in blogging. Busy with making mooncake, stitching & knitting as well. Finished a MA exchange, doily exchange which to be posting upon my partner received it.

Pattern: Bob, (from Knitty.com)
yarn: Rowan all season cotton (used approx. 5.9balls ; 585gms)
needles : 4.5mm

ummm.. :"too fit" to my body, hopefully after washing will saggy a bit.....

progressing very little in Fairy Garden SAL with Lillie . Now is rushing to knit a jacket for my 2nd daughter , who is going to sit for her final primary exam, then to join the school trip to Singapore. I think I can complete by then as during the last long weekend, especially yesterday almost finished the back piece (2 front panels completed), left 2 more sleeves then it is done. Well, my needles are burning as my eldest already casted on a hoodie pullover for herself to enable me to continue then my youngest are looking forward mummy to knit something for her to wear during Children Day in October (finished a pair of sock for her) and she is looking for a top. I need to install turbo engine on my hands :-)


Lillie said...

Lovely finished and loved the color. Congrads..yes, my GF is very slow too.

Your new toys look like lots of fun.

biblo said...

Very nice top!!

I am very behind on my MA commitments... don't know what has gotten into me. Just don't know and no mood to do any stitching... :(