Saturday, September 20, 2008

update - Sep 2008

Brief update for few photos taken. Life was in mess during past one week, no water supply ; therefore could not make many mooncakes as I planned initially.

simple birtday celebration for youngest DD on 17 Sep 2008; who is 9.
She was wearing the dress made by my eldest sister; who helps me to take care of my 3 girls.

few circular needles purchased from The Knittery, Australia

casted on this Avril's gradiation skirt, hopefully could fit me.
yarn: 3 strands, Tsumugi Silk, tentatively using 6 colors to make up the 10 color bands
needle: 4mm circular needle

finally bind off and finished this candy jacket and my daughter is my good supporter, although I am not good in seaming skills. Told her to bear with mummy's poor workmanship; and to improvise and knit more for them. She wore this jacket and the toe up Monkey sock for her school trip to Singapore.

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Lillie said...

Happy belated birthday to your youngest DD. The sweater fits your DD well.