Tuesday, September 30, 2008

more stash

I have done some damage to my purse :-), my daughters know that once I go to the regular bakery supplies shop, I would not come out empty-handed. Cookies cutter, considered cheap , only RM1-90.

Winnie the Pooh face , cookies cutter (S, M, L) - 3 for RM28, new stash to my bento collection.

newly bought bento stuff from Bento Pet. 2 nos. 2 tier pink bento boxes, Hello Kitty and Doreamon face bento box, 2 bottles of cute food picks, egg mould and collapseable lunchbox as a mystery gift from Patricia (Bento Pet),...thank you very much for willing to send to me.

I have not been baking for quite some while....not good in this cupcake baking ....Oatmeal cupcake....recipie from 500 Cupcakes (bought from Popular Bookstore).

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Lillie said...

Cute boxes, with the kids in mind, I bet you can't resists the boxes.