Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Bento #2 - #5

my lunch box today. I must admit that I am totally new to make bento for myself. I cannot finish all. 2 tier bento box bought from Bento Pet.
Top: 2 compartment Lock & Lock box, left: orange sweet Potato, right: flat bean, tomato
Bottom container: kiwi & green apple, the top container is not touched at all. I was so full. Should cut down the amount of food in next bento.

a failure to me. I cooked lotus seed & red bean brown rice and wrapped with Nori....the top Kitty box was from Bento Pet too (thank you...) and the bottom 2 tier lunch box for myself. However my colleagues do not like brown rice (Eco Brown)...so not finished. As for my self I took 2 and was too full to take the rest.
Morale of the story: do not expect other to like what we like to eat....although my daughter finished theirs.

Bento #3: also consist only vegatables and fruits for myself.
My daughters packed simple meal (bread) to school and refuse to bring fruits as they complained not enough time to eat.

I forgot to take picture of my bento, this is for my youngest.


Ms. _____ 2 be ! said...

Looks like a healthy bento!

Aw said...

ms.____2 be! I think this is the most simple bento for a lazy mum :-) and my colleague said I am rabbit :-)

Lillie said...

Cute animals taking a peek! LOL.Nice touch to the breads.