Friday, August 15, 2008

tiny blanket from my new "student"

cute tiny blanket. my youngest always fascinated looking at me when I was knitting, ok, I taught her cross stitching, still learning but can hold needle and stitch the stitches slowly. Now she wants to learn knitting, tauhgt her crochet before but I failed as a sifu, she is a how? This time I asked her just take any knitting needles and the stash yarn, knit something small for your dolls. Taa daaa.....finally she finished it last night. Noticed there are some drop / loose stitches....anywhere, I am proud that she can finished ....yeah, cute blanky for her Kelly doll by my 9 yrs old daughter


Lillie said...

Not bad for a 9yr old. Tell her this aunty says congratulations for a lovely finished.

Aw said...

thank you Lillie. I would convey your message to her. She definitely needs encouragement as she does not excel academically (in facts I always asked teacher not to compare her with the other 2 sister) When timing is right, I hope we could gather, I brought her to knitting meet up during July. Hopefully I could manage to meet you all one day if time permits. :-)