Thursday, August 21, 2008

Japanese yarn, Avril kit 3048, done

although this finished object is rather not as good as other knitter, I am happy finally I could figure out the measurement and plug in stitches to fit myself into this shirt. I am a bit in hurry, blocked and seamed. however, it supposed to iron it flat....
yarn: Avril, Shoshensi Paper & Tsumugi Silk (kit no.3048)
needle: 4.5mm straight bamboo


Lillie said...

Looks good Aw. Congrads.

BTW, the checker tape I got it from the LNS and thank you for visiting me.

Aw said...

thank you, Lillie. By reading blogs of other stitchers, knitters, I am inspired keep on my passion in doing as well as stashing...:-)