Friday, October 23, 2009

someone share my stash

DD#1 finished her PMR exam, so most of the days she did not go to school. She managed to finished her 1 year stitching WIP, which is yet to wash and send for framing.

She started a new project. Somehow when she is accepted for AFS studeng exchange programme, she asked me to knit her a cap and she made herself a scarf. She has chosen a pattern which I have been queueing in my to do list - Entrelac Scart...which I do not know how,so finally both of us manage to figure out how to knit and she is progressing well with her knitting, though the initial few rows are a bit loose in stitches.

I am happy at least she could knit and there is someone to use my stash as well. The actual color supposed to be bright aqua green?...but it came out light blue instead. Overall we love the outcome.

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Lillie said...

Congrads on your dd being accepted for the AFS. Looks like your DD has got mummy's talent, with mummy's guidance, nothing can go wrong ;P