Thursday, July 23, 2009

Mary Wingham SAL, Asia

Thank you, BJ for inviting me to join this SAL ( , if not mistaken I started end June, not progressing well. I am stitching with GAST though I may not have enough from my stash,....there are few colors to use DMC linen thread, on 32ct Belfast linen. Must pick up this SAL in weekend.

realised I have not updated my blog for more than 2 months, my friend came to my house and highlighted this....thank you Becky for following up with this blog.


Lillie said...

Oh! you finally joined us. Welcome to the group then :D've been missing quite awhile ;)

Janet C said...

Good for you Aw to join this SAL! ;)

Aw said...

Thank you, Lillie & Janet, for dropping by . In facts I have other photos to upload, just lost mojo in blogging....just wanna push myself to do it , esp. stitching, for the past 1 yr, I have done MA instead any FO for myself....need to get inspiration and motivation to have one FO this year.

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