Wednesday, February 4, 2009 winter

I was tagged by stitcher friend , Lillie Lil' Needlecrafter , on this :
i.e. to go to your 6th picture file and choose the 6th picture, and then tag 6 blogging friends.

Unfortunately, I uploaded most picture and deleted them from time to time from my PC. There are not many left, this the 6th picture ....COOL WINTER, my dream place especially it is hot sunny day out there.

now, my turn to pick 6 blogging friends:

1. Lene Stitched With Love
(hope to see your stitching progress soon...)
2. Wendy Biblo's blog
3. Nik Ainun Za's Blog
4. Veronica vEr0n!c@'s Stitching Vault
5. Emily Emily's Busy World!
6. Yasmin Yasmin' Stitching *Yasmin

here it goes....thank you for viewing this blog....still in festive mood? Happy CNY and enjoy


Lillie said...

Beautiful indeed,so serene looking. I guessed this is fun in away, gives us an opportunity to view some 'hidden' photos..LOL

Aw said...

YEAH...HOW I wish can stitch / knit indoor under cool & calm weather like that :P