Monday, December 15, 2008

MA, Stash II

- latest stash from Stitching Bibs & Bob, I meant to buy Belle Soie silk for
my Love with a Capital L project, as usual I could not resist to add in
LHN's Book Shelf and some other Valdani overdyed flosses

- sock yarn Dec 2008 from Sock Club 2008/2009 from Wollmeise.

Christmas MA to Joanne Ng

- this XMas MA is a surprise to me indeed. Wee Kie received hers
from Diane. When I saw an envelope from Lillie, I thought this is
MA inside to her. So I did not open and let her opened the envelope.
She called from my sister house and asked "Mummy, Diane is
daughter of Auntie Lillie? There is a MA from Auntie Lillie to you"
in short while , I went to my sister house to admire this lovely MA.

- my eldest daughter, Wee Ven is inspired by MA received / made
by Wee Kie, yet she dares not to take up the challenge to an
exchange. So she stitched this for my sister in a day, and did the sewing
finishing herself.


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