Friday, December 26, 2008

Laughter at home

Christmas day 2008 -
brought the kids to do final shopping before school reopens in 2 weeks time, as well as preparation for coming Chinese New Year. Finally managed to buy shoes for #2 & #3, which I found is not easy to buy a pair of nice shoes for both with reasonable price , and yet they have their own preferrence. #3 is a beauty conscious, not so happy with the final choice, yet under such circumstances I advised her to get hers.

Back home, the #2 (is closer to her) convinced hers is nice with dress. Off they went to the room to test their fashion parade....giggles and laughters heard. Suddenly I aware that we had no such laughters since they lost their daddy 7 years ago. I have to blame myself for this, as every CNY eve and 1st day of CNY, I brought them together to pray their daddy, and I was never in the mood for CNY decoration / celebration since then, the 3 girls never complained and always be silent on this although they helped my sis and parents to decorate houses for CNY....until last year I made a change that we only go to Gambang (memorial park where their late daddy is placed) on CNY eve and send them to their friends house on the first day of CNY.....

thank you to my friend (FY) who always there to enlighten me and reminds me that kids "their names is kid",...they enjoy wearing new clothings during CNY and giggles with their fashion matching with shoes, socks ...had a good chat with them before to sleep as they wanted to listen my story shared with their late daddy during our travelling.