Thursday, June 14, 2007


last week was travelling round trip from Melaka-Ktn-KL-Ktn-Melaka....thank you Mona, as I managed to join the knitters for meet up at took me long hour to reach there, as for the first time I drove within KL without much knowledge of the location. I arrived at Bangsar shopping complex instead of Bangsar Village. However, my daughters were much delighted as I let them to go to the toy shop to buy them a Barbie doll, finally they chose a Prince instead.

the newly finished shawl is too small for mummy and ended up to be my youngest's ...see the 2nd daughter picked up a dress with purple flower to match with the shawl. They are happy to be mummy's model, and they knew being with mummy for the meet-up they gotta anticipate "boring". Luckily there is MPH bookstore for them.

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