Monday, June 4, 2007

FO at last & WIP

Finally I finished this Luna Moth Shawl, which I started 27 April 2007 but distracted with other new projects, as well as my cross stitch maniac and exchanges. So I finished this by Sunday morning 1.30a.m, after long tiring driving journey last nite. Friday, after work I drove to KL by 6pm, with PH on Saturday, traffic was quite congested, only reached KL by 8.30p.m (instead of normal 1.5 hrs driving), took my dinner at my sister's house. By 9.30p.m, I drove back to Kuantan, together with my 2 nephews, sister & BIL, reached KTN 12.30a.m....dropped to bed slept deadly....LOL

as it was too late, I did not block the shawl yet. Bring back to Melaka, most likely to do it by tonight, as I arrived KL late last night; phew another long journey due to bad traffic, 7.30pm from Kuantan and reached KL 11.00p.m....also could not stand the exhausting travelling session and dozed off until this morning and drove back to Melaka and work. I am looking forward to the day moving back to Kuantan by end of this month....

- Pattern: LD 18th Century Band Sampler
(from magazine: the Gift of Stitching)
threads: 99% local overdyed floss (Dip & Twist) by Niza
fabric : Zweigart 32ct antique white linen, 2 over 2
in facts I started this way back in March,..and realised I did not put any
stitches on it last 2 months. A bit of guilty, and last weekend picked up
and had a good 2 hrs stitching session

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Barbara said...

Thanks for your comments on my blog! I stitch a number of smalls that way their many finishes and it can be quite gratifying. You have a FO too! Lovely colour for a shawl.

Your Long Dog is coming along nicely.