Wednesday, May 16, 2007

exchange done / received in May 2007

as my exchange partner received MA / pinkeep, I can post it now....presently I am still waiting for my Garden MA from my partner. May is a fruitful exchange month to me,...though it is only 2 for me. I am most delighted.

- MA : Garden Sampler (from Cross Stitcher Magazines)
Stitched with Dip & Twist Overdyed Floss on 18ct Aida

Quaker pinkeep to Yasmin, stitched with my own overdyed DMC thread

- Quaker Pinkeep Exchange - Malaysian Stitchers Group
- May 2007
- received from Ina, with lovely edging

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Barbara said...

Lovely stitching on your quaker pinkeep and the mailart! That's a nice pinkeep and goodies from Ina.